Saturday, February 13, 2016

JTPE - Segment II EP (2014)

  • Drum and bass
  • Breakcore
  • Experimental hip-hop
  • Jungle
  • Spoken word
  • Urban music
  • Avant-hop
  • Remix

Comment: this handful of tracks by the Nijmegen, Netherlands-based artist embarks on with a track called Blacklisted which consists of precisely measured monochromic industrial hisses and jungle-hued cadences and some syllables and vowel effects atop here and there. The course will be continuing in a softer mode with a little bit faster yet bouncy rhythms (Koffie Door Een Rietje). However, the following three pieces are rendered similarly like the first track had been managed to run. Indeed, those machine and technology induced signs reappear to stimulate your subconsciousness and alter your state of mind. For instance, at Bedroom Junglist the artist unites aggressively surfacing rhythms, ill-omened exhoes and hisses with spoken word snippets in a sophisticated manner therefore giving it the elusive touch to grasp it one must listen to it many times in a row. Indeed, representatives of artificial intelligence have ultimately won here, however, having discovered delight and happiness coming out from dancing and dealing with music. All in all, it is a top notch for sure regarding the rhythms oriented music scene because of overwhelming power and exquisite artistic creativity. Of course, it is highly recommendable to get the artist`s Segment II-B issue which contains all of those B-sides, outtakes which did not get placed on the relevant release.      
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