Friday, February 12, 2016

Cuarto / Indiosingracia - Krilin Split (2016)

  • Folktronica
  • Folk indie
  • Experimental pop
  • Art folk
  • Indie folk
  • New Weird Italy
  • World music
  • Post-folk
  • Ethnotronica

Comment: I am very glad that the Italy-based imprint La bèl is back with their brand new one which is a split album for Cuarto, and Indiosingracia. Indeed, both artists provide a handful of tracks the former is more world music/ethnic music centred and the latter`s concept used to rotate around the more orthodox folk and electronica tinged concept. On the other side, this differentiation is indirect and contingent just based on some diverse chords and tendencies between the two artists. The most important thing is that the result is consistent and accomplished from start to finish having no signs about weak and accidental compositions. A common thread is that both artists provide instrumental music despite there are represented some vowel effects now and then. Of course, all those tiny fragments and bits which used to appear over there have significant weight and impact. At times those suits can ring loosely yet consistently and elegantly as if it were produced near the campfire (I mean it indirectly). Cuarto´s Harco´s e-mail is an example of blissful crossover which consists of world rhythms, free jazz/improvised sonic mist and folktronic undercurrents. As I said previously I am very glad that La bèl is back with their brand new one…which used to reflect upon such sort of music they are the masters of pertaining to (with regard to the likes of Plusplus, Nick Rivera, Elisa Luu, for instance). Get this and the previous ones under La bèl. 
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