Saturday, February 27, 2016

Brother Saturn - Tales Of Space Exploration 35-42 (2016)

  • Ethereal Wave
  • Modern classical
  • Post-rock
  • Experimental rock
  • Ambient rock
  • Abstract
  • Soundscape
  • Avant-rock
  • Epic

Comment: this is another issue in the series of Tales Of Space Exploration by an artist, Drew Miller aka Brother Saturn who continues to explore the ongoing themes of travel, desolation, home and loneliness. However, musically it is startling of how music could be so enthrallingly epic and beautiful that one could not find proper words to describe it for. At least I have some problems to deal with it. More profoundly, its beauty seems to be extended to the point where most of the whole`s chords chime in a minimal, and thereafter abstract way. Lower chords of the guitar are variegated with higher, more theme-leading, majestic ones by an electronic keyboard which in turn consist of light repetitions, slowed down progressions and lone accessory chords. For instance, by listening to I`ve Never Felt This Before chimes like a revelation being pristine and picturesque at the same time. At the time when the winter still continues to show its features while being slightly weakened by some sublime threads of the spring it sounds like an example of seasonal music. By its intimate yet cohesive construction it reminds me slightly of Pan American`s opus Quiet City (2004, Kranky), and Labradford`s music in general. In spite of clocking in at a 82 minute one could not find tired of it at all. Furthermore, thereafter you are very ready to find out Drew Miller`s previous issues, especially those of being a part of the aforesaid series. At the moment it is my most favourite issue being released in 2016 so far. The issue is a part of the discography of We Are All Ghosts.  

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