Monday, January 18, 2016

Trois-Collines – Trois-Collines (2011)

  • Avant-pop
  • Electro pop
  • Experimental pop
  • Americana
  • Electro-funk
  • Art pop
  • Electro-clash
  • Leftfield

Comment: this is a lovely yet challenging leftfield pop example of involving disparate sonic shards and tendencies either ready to ignore each other or ready to clash with one another to be synthesised seamlessly into the one composition. It launches with eerie, slightly outstretched sounds which used to wobble and flicker around by adding stepwise some chords of glockenspiel and reversed sounds to the mix. One of the central pieces is frolicky electro-funk/electro-clash issue Bananes saturèes which is extraordinary because of embracing an uncharacteristically high-pitched singing/chanting mode in the mix. Another one is wondrous You Have The Cool which chimes like a drunken Lambchop where Americana chops are intermixed with some improvised music chips. Later on, those woolly-headed ideas will continue through muffled yet warped arrangements and stylistic mutations which are truly mind-boggling altogether. It is an excellent sort of wonky pop for sure. The issue is a part of an intriguing French imprint Midinette Records.
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