Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hathaway Family Plot – Spare Time (2015)

  • Post-industrial
  • Crossover
  • Noise
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Art pop
  • Modern classical
  • Avant-garde
  • Experimentalism

Comment: I guess it might even be better to have no words about this miscellany of 15 tracks altogether. It would just be better to silently absorb all those innumerable vagaries into your restless soul thereby getting moving resonance toward the outside world which is thoroughly depraved and rotten because the human being as a species has either no inner will or bigger plan for to leap to a next, qualitatively higher level. The world is governed by the masters of none and in our (Western) media and societies inferior topics used to predominate over essential ones (climate changes, arising problems with heavily polluted environment, fossil fuel based stagnation). Kevin McFadden aka The Hathaway Plot`s purpose is to hint at these problems in a more and less direct way. More profoundly, he has stated against late-industrial capitalism, consumer culture, and music-as-commodity. Another facet is his music which talks in an indirect way through stark threads within THFP and even in his standalone tracks could be many universes to be discerned. Spare Time is as crackbrained as hell. If it is produced with rage then this rage must have been repressed and subsequently channelized into these movable pieces. The whole embarks on like a revelation impending doom through stepwise accelerated drone threads within the ambient dominated environment. Later on, McFadden starts off to pose as singer-songwriter though doing it in a very unusual way. Those calm compositional explorations are starkly “disturbed” by nervous twitches and painful pinches which in turn are even more amplified by sheer noise blankets. At times it may remind of some of the The Swans`s desolate compositions though the link between these artists is fortunately quite faint. On the other side, one could draw some parallels to another excellent issue coming out of 2015, Mart Avi`s Humanista which is also an uncompromisingly straightforward one of exploiting unabashedly avant-garde elements in a pop structure. Ideologically both artists tempt to de(con)struct pop volumes as reflections of the real-life deviated surrounding. It is crucial McFadden is able to sustain the aforementioned aesthetical and emotional peak throughout the course. I have listened to it for three times in a row at least while upholding excitement and feeling no boredom at all. It is one of the most pre-eminent issues in 2015 for sure. Given that THFP`s previous issues are great as well so it could be foretold that new issues are going to reach new sceptical adherents to its own list.
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