Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Takeshi Kagamifuchi – Kvant (2010)

  • Glitch techno
  • Avant-techno
  • Tech-house
  • Experimental electronica
  • Abstract techno
  • Industrial techno
  • IDM
  • Minimal techno
  • Experimental techno

Comment: the Japanese musician Takeshi Kagamifuchi`s 5-track issue might have different aspects with regard to experimental electronic and techno music. First of all, it seems he created the outing by exploiting debris-alike bits and sounds like hisses, microscopic noises, static, crackles, signals, glitches. These sounds would be very dead by standing alone and without giving it revivified boost or organizing it in a certain, expressive direction. In general, Kagamifuchi`s sound could be called techno though it does lack the common very nature with style called techno. The Japanese musician`s accent is not related to dance-appealed vibes but rather exploring the inner life of the aforementioned elements which seems to live their life on their own. Secondly, the album could be understood as a platform for exploring relations between the aforementioned sonic details and natures of different kind. Furthermore, the soundscape which might seem starkly austere at first glance could be remarkably more high-spirited and alive then superficial mainstream pop act of being deflated from essential ideas. Thirdly, one could grasp there is subtle border if at all between the so-called established sounds and “errors” (I mean crazed sounds). The only exception is a track called Uni which reveals its affinity toward house ideas though this should be grasped in an abstract, indirect way. In a word, the result is an outstanding insight into techno music. Unfortunately the album which was issued under Hz-Records does not exist anymore so I decided to upload it again. Indeed, it is a rare issue.  
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