Monday, January 25, 2016

Jimmy Penguin – The Wrong Idea (2011)

  • Darkwave
  • Neoclassical
  • Electronic music
  • Piano music
  • Post-classical
  • Art music
  • Epic

Comment: Jimmy Penguin is a musician and imprint owner (Alkalinear Recordings) from Ireland who was one of the activists who got caught up in such a movement as Galway`s Community Scratch. His recent issue The Wrong Idea is not about scratches and hip-hop music at all but instead of taking on bold, lone piano chord patterns which used to resonate through empty space to draw austere landscapes which are sometimes adorned with some electronic ding-dongs, sparse rhythmic mazes and cold synth hovers. More profoundly, those slowly meandering beats arouse ominous feel around the aforementioned sonorous elements. It frequently does result in majestic patterns where tiny shadows used to evolve into bigger flickers, then sustain for a while and thereafter disappear in an elegant way. Given that it is not wrong to assume the air is a consistent component between the aforementioned sonorous elements. It sounds like an average life which tends to rise up to heaven and fall down to hell with regard to different periods of life. Of course, music as a tool of expression allows it to bring forth smoothly in comparison to other skills in everyday life. The album will be finished off by Dubh Trian`s Clinical Myopic Refix about a piece called Andrew Time. In a word, it is actually a good idea to contravene his recent doings with the opposite intentions. In fact, this game seems to be far more exciting than an average life could be.

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