Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gholas – Poisoning The Airwaves (2011)

  • Screamo
  • No Wave
  • Technical metal
  • Trash metal
  • Sludge metal
  • Doom metal
  • Noise metal
  • Avant-metal

Comment: Gholas is a New Jersey-based quartet whose second issue is replete with different kind of metal tinged elements so played with such energy and desperate attitude that one could freely mosh his/her caps off. More profoundly, if Gholas` music were just bare noodling with guitar noises and thumping drums then the influence of them would have been remarkably diminished. Their sound is organized chaos with hints at repeated, recognized patterns within dense noise and power while revealing their uncompromising nature to follow their primal scream and wild nature of law. The singer of the group is brilliant because of acting like a crackbrained person who is ready to annihilate all in front of his eyes. One could be quite sure metal music is not only source altogether for the combo to dig out such sort of pulsating energy and then pour it out in thousands of torrents. More profoundly, one must not forget the group comes from the area being known due to the innovative noise and art music approach of No Wave. Gholas` music is a metal music counterpart of the movement. It would be simply the best to draw contrasts while having their gig at such a slacker event as the Grammy Award used to be, for instance. This excellent, 8-track issue burns and kicks you out from your ordinary, drowsy life. 
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