Friday, January 15, 2016

Dimaension X – Plagues of Aegyptus (2015)

  • Doom metal
  • Post-metal
  • Dark ambient
  • Hard rock
  • Electronic
  • Crossover

Comment: throughout this morning I have cogitated pessimistic thoughts about crippled human nature while listening to this 61-minute issue. Indeed, I have had a vulgar telephone conversation with one human being full of shit, obsessive anger and waste of time. The only redemption I have got it is through this ominously trudging guitar walls, heavily ponding drums and threatening vocal lines and orchestrated synth panoramas above. Indeed, it is a sort of outing where aesthetical calculations are preferred to annihilate the existence of flea-bitten mainstream crap while one is listening to it. Because of that the artist`s purpose is to provide frank emotions to the listener. I hope that the era of the so-called grand music artists will be over soon and thereby providing no quasi-philosophy to their audience by speaking out from an authority position. Why should we need to get messages from very bare caricatures? Instead of it please listen to this 10-track composition and do not give a damn to the world. 
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