Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cosmic Analogue Ensemble – Souffle Continu (2015)

  • Art pop
  • Post-pop
  • Baroque pop
  • Avant-pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Chamber pop

Comment: it happened some months ago when I discovered such label as Lebanon-based Hisstology and Cosmic Analogue Ensembele as a pre-eminent combo in the roster. Indeed, both of them are sources worth to be discovered. Souffle Continu is a fairly marvellous flicker of consisting of 13 notches. Stylistically it could be considered “art pop”, “chamber pop”, “baroque pop”, however, these styles could say much less if one lacks experience of having listened to the issue. Furthermore,I feel myself a little bit guilty by trying to tag such beauty. Cosmic Analogue Ensemble does not use synths here to extract predictable spacey sounds to hover over landscapes and penetrate through atmospheric spheres. You could hear sounds being similar because of coming out of the streets of Paris and searching for magnificent moments by tapping the keys of harmonium thereby reminding of Penguin Café Orchestra, for instance (Suite 3). The artist exploits orchestrations with very sublime turns and wide cinematic progressions which chime otherworldly in a way one could get stunned for sure. I was listening to it while it was snowing heavily. I felt myself to be sad and in pensive mood. Later on, while there was darkened outside the mood still continued to last. Although the artist exploits orchestrated sounds over there which are just bare instruments to bring forth something ulterior which might be unseen at first sight. Indeed, it is a sort of space pop due to the overwhelming beauty and bewildering, even holy aesthetical touch. It was one of the best albums in 2015. Thank you, Charif Megarbane,
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