Wednesday, December 9, 2015

St Cheatersburg - How To Lose Your Value on The Heterosexual Market (2015)

  • Post-punk
  • Art punk
  • No Wave
  • Alternative rock
  • Kraut-punk
  • Indie rock
  • Psych-rock

Comment: I first saw Chungin in playing action at the event Metamorfiin in the spring of 2005 while I was performing (as Autharktos) there as well. Indeed, then he was being the fairly charismatic drummer of dub-inflected combo Maikameikers. At the same time with this band he was being a member of another combo called  Chungin & The Strap-On Faggots. St Cheatersburg is his latest project where he used to sing and play guitar. Since the mid-2014 the combo has issued 3 EPs so far. How To Lose Your Value on The Heterosexual Market is a solid effort because of playing rock and roll very effectively. More profoundly, there is viable tension between the first glimpse into the EP and real entity on its own which will be unveiled after many listening times. It could be considered an example of extended punk rock. However, it might say nothing about what there is represented in real sense? For instance, I guess not anyone could imagine for himself/herself the tracks of punk rock being stretched out to 11 minutes. Chungin`s vocal and guitars conjure up different moods and shades – from elegantly resigned ones to more glowering and blurry. The former ones remind of Sonic Youth and Moore/Ranaldo`s pre-apocalyptic shouts and desperation. On the other side, Chungin and company like to exploit many iterative motives and patterns thereby having its place somewhere between psych-pop and krautrock. The combo is assisted by Steve Vanoni whose noisy saxophone ploughs through all the layers at times. Because of that the combo does have the link to the No Wave tradition. Despite these labels above the listener can enjoy something refreshing and catIn a nutshell, it is an exemplar to be added to my list of the best issues in 2015. 

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