Monday, December 7, 2015

Simon Waldram – Inside Out EP (2015)

  • Noise pop
  • Psych-rock
  • Art rock
  • Alternative pop
  • Garage rock
  • Experimental rock

Comment: Simon Waldram is a musician from Notthinghamshire, UK who has issued at least a dozen of outings since the mid-00`s. His 5-track issue embarks on with a fabulous psyched-out blast of conveying overwhelming energy and galvanized burning inside its numerous circles and layers. It may resemble slightly the aesthetic of Jesus And The Mary Chain. Fortunately nothing will change in the next track Revolution Summer which is an intriguing mongrel of jangle pop induced easiness and arrogance of feedback loaded noise pop. Later on, acoustic guitars, and arrangements on cellos and saxophones will be added to the blend, however, the artist upholds partly the aforementioned sharpened sonic compartment to make up viable contrast within the mix. However, acoustic guitar led compositions are more restrained and contemplative and even eerie in an artsy way. Indeed, some space is conjured up around lone string chords with slight yet poignant effects. For instance, Colliding Circles rides on such an effective gimmick. At these time Simon Waldram`s approach reminds slightly of Michael Gira. Eventually it could be admitted Simon Waldram is not an ordinary singer-songwriter whose album under the Gothenburg-based imprint 23 Seconds makes fairly difference. Indeed, simple approach could be ingenious. However, to find it out it is quite hard work to do. 

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