Saturday, December 19, 2015

Flatsound – Losing The Interest and Trust I Had In You (2010)

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie folk
  • Americana
  • DIY
  • Slowcore
  • Lo-fi
  • Dream folk
  • Folk indie
  • Noise pop
  • New Weird America

Comment: chronologically it must be one of the first issues by San Diego, US-based artist Mitch Welling being released five years ago. At the time of issuing it he was nineteen years oldas he hints at one composition. Later on, he is being a prolific artist because of issuing ten outings thereafter. Lyrically he considers permanently love theme by searching for signs of everlasting, intact love being ready to get sacrificed for it. However, he could not find it because of painful memories and huge gaps between personalities. Musically it is supported by intimate guitar flows and ebbs saturated with hisses, some concrete sounds and sonic effects and noisy feedback outbursts. Frequently Welling`s compositions are appealingly dreamy and yearning having found the proper thread within the DIY/lo-fi/bedroom pop aesthetic. On the other side, one could percieve similarities with the likes of Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, American Music Club, Red House Painters. Ultimately it could be said it is a fairly attractive issue reflecting upon huge potentiality and traditions coming from within the American song-writing legacy. Indeed, nobody could do better than the Americans do. By the way, three months ago he has issued Four Songs For Losing You, his latest one.  
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