Friday, December 4, 2015

Eureka Brown – O Utopia (2015)

  • Indie pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Singer-songwriter
  • Art pop
  • Americana
  • DIY
  • Psychedelic pop
  • Lounge

Comment: the US-based one-man-artist Kris Bauer aka Eureka Brown is back with his third proper album O Utopia after a long time span. I can remember for his first two albums Future Visions of the Digital Universe (2007), and iDigitalia! (2009) provide amazing listening experiences where catchy DIY aesthetics in approach met sci-fi production in sound. These issues involved shitloads of moments replete with psychedelic gears, electronic pop undercurrents, clockwork sounds and semi-orchestrated whiffs and abstract folk touch being one of the most mysteriously fascinating pop acts in the end of the 00s. O Utopia includes 7 pieces at a length of 16 minutes. It is not surprising because Bauer`s previous tracks were not lengthier on average while concentrating on spellbinding melodic and harmonic sparks. It is a solid issue though providing less glistening moments than did his previous outings. One could hear more rustic country/bluegrass and Americana related moments in his sound while some hip-hop centred scratches are also presented over there. The soundscape seems to be less synthetic and produced more in a downright way. It makes sense either. The final track Knute`s Tune is something very new and special in his oeuvre – it is a sort of easy listening music in the style of Tiki lounge. Indeed, it is very special. In absolute scale, it is a solid issue. 

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