Sunday, December 6, 2015

Auxcide – Laniakea (2015)

  • Electronic pop
  • 8-bit
  • Chiptune
  • Electro-pop
  • Bitpop
  • Tracker music

Comment: Carlisle, Pennsylvania, US-based Auxcide`s 5-track issue Laniakea chimes like an imaginative AOR disc for the robot conquered radio station on Earth. It is drenched with broad way melodies and primitively pulsating harmonies being pushed forward by roughly moving quadrilateral beats. In general, the whole is replete with highly galvanized energy and impulses of poppy pathos. Let`s have some spot upon some compositions. This Could Be is loaded with a more tectonic thudding and very expressively surfaced acid synth progressions thereby giving the piece a slightly different angle in comparison to the other tracks. Furthermore, the artist likes to play with contrasty aspects. At Andromeda the listener can enjoy an easy melody being juxtaposed against heavy beats. If I would have been a radio host I would like to play it on air in the afternoon. In a nutshell, beacuse of the artist`s pop ambition the release does not result totally in an obsessive dive into pixel-shaped pop music. 
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