Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lezet – Accumulation (2014)

/Experimental electronica, Ambient, Ethnotronica, Glitchtronica, Rocktronica, Modern classical, Musique concrète, Crossover, Abstract, Avant-garde/

Comment: Lezet is a very prolific artist from Serbia who has issued approximately 70 albums so far. Accumulation is a short-running issue (ending at the length of 20.56) but it justifies its name because many elements used to surface throughout the course. One could hear mandatory experimental electronic developments, glitched-out noises, and even world music infected motives and sultry rhythms of rock music are represented over there. At times his progressions used to turn into an abstract one – for instance, Bezoar is one of such sort of tracks where vocal loops are slightly shifted against each other to create an indecipherable message and culminate into noisy torrents at the end of the composition. Rain is a fragile modern classical piece saturated with a heavy raining sample. The result is dreamy and giving one a cozy corner to freshen /himself/herself up in his/her haste. Indeed, Lezet exploits samples now and then to saturate his soundscape. In a word, it is a thoroughgoing exertion with many interesting moments. The issue is a notch in the discography of Buddhist On Fire.
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