Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cagey House – Sometimes Always Never (2015)

/Ambient, Post-rock, Post-folk, Experimental pop, Art pop, Mood music, Alternative pop/

Comment: I have frequently wondered about how much time has passed and how much things around us and within the artist`s aesthetic has changed during the course between some artist`s first and most recent albums. Baltimore, Maryland, US-based artist Dave Keifer aka Cagey House started off sometime in the mid of the 00´s with electro-vamped tracks while revealing rock music impulses inside it. Later on, his sound had changed toward more artificial yet wondrous world of deliberately chosen rhythms and sounds somehow similar to Oneohtrix Point Never had unveiled on his album R Plus Seven to a more wide audience (2013). Indeed, Keifer showcased this spellbinding, hyper-realistic world a little bit earlier than Daniel Lopatin did. However, Keifer`s aesthetic has changed throughout this awesome course, it is like moving across fragile yet rewarding path to amend and discover himself, to add new sonic notches into the bar thereby magnifying the legacy of honest music. His brand new one Sometimes Always Never is quite trance-y and restrained saturated with iterative jazz-y drum relied rhythms and guitar sounds being a new aspect in his sonic palette. Indeed, this time Keifer`s music could sometimes be described with the term “post-rock” because those guitar patterns with more or less delayed glockenspiel chords represented within it used to conjure up intriguing dynamics and emotive associations which may resemble of such combos as Mice Parade, Mercury Program, and The Dylan Group, for instance. Cagey House`s last albums have been issued on pan y rosas discos, the label dedicated to release innovative, improvisation-based music. I have no explicit overview about Keifer`s methods of how he creates compositions in the sense of how much it is determined (I mean to be previously set out and then exactly programmed) and how much there has been space for improvised aspects. In fact, the improvised music could also be determined getting its inner impulse from the planned goal. Then the chaos is more organized and may even be more impressive rather than just aimlessly slamming and rattling around. Indeed, I am being quite curious for technical aspects but by listening to Sometimes Always Never my drive to know it just dissolved. Simply I am enjoying of how these sounds move, meander, and come across to the other side. In a word, it is an outstanding issue.
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