Thursday, November 26, 2015

Basicnoise – More Agravic EP (2009)

  • Ambient dub
  • Dub techno
  • Crossover
  • Deep dub
  • Experimental electronica
  • Dub house
  • Techno dub

Comment: it is a haunting beauty from the past – it is both dance-appealed for your brain and the very overwhelming object to be depicted through your legs, hands and body in general. It could have been an example of perfect ambient music if these compositions would have spared from “smearing” with house, techno, and dub elements. However, the Peter Fanai`s result seems to be even better thanks to the aforementioned smorgasbord of sounds and styles. All these branches will be reflected in one another thereby constituting the circle which is a perfect figure since the ancient Greeks. By listening to it you can perceive that the sentence “I can travel to the future” seems to be downrightly true.
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