Friday, October 30, 2015

Terracotta Blue - Arcade b-w Healer (2011)

/Chillwave, Trip-hop, Breaks, Electronic pop, Chilltronica, Poptronica, Mood music, Glo-fi/

Comment: I can remember for that one music reviewer suggested once while such phenomenon as chillwave lasted 6 months only the influence of it would have endured much longer, principally to date. Maybe he was right if to consider Baltimore, US-based artist Terracotta Blue`s career and doings. He started issuing outings at the second half of 2011 when the movement started to become less in extent and die-hard intensity. However, it does not mean that Terracotta Blue has not changed during these four years. Arcade b-w Healer was one of his first issues with regard to Bandcamp. The issue consists of a couple of compositions which are replete with crispy rhythms and dreamy meanders and majestic synthesiser induced chord progressions. In fact, given that those rhythms reveal their partly lo-fi tinged touch (at Healer) the issue can be considered an organic cross between indie electronic/chillwave tendencies and Ninja Tune related artists composed jazz-based music and Flying Lotus inflected hip-hop/trip-hop alchemy. On the other side, Arcade has been built upon catchy electro bass propulsions and enchanting synthesised progressions atop. In a word, the release can be exploited both to conjure up decent mood around you and for a more sophisticated listening time.
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