Friday, October 23, 2015

Silverstone – Time Will Heal (2006)

/Indietronica, Glitch pop, IDM, Ambient pop, Alternative, Techno pop/

Comment: Leon, Mexico-based artist and local indie music activist Edgar Medina (also known from such projects as The Rigor Mortis Experience, Transistor, Alejandro Morse) whose 4-bar issue is a cute example of glitched-out pop music. More profoundly, it is a shift between ambient pop and indie electronica and glitch-y techno rhythms though the artist exploits concrete sounds to moisten the melting pot. In general, the harmonies used to build up slowly and the rhythms do break off in a seamless way. It is a fine example of how a nice notch of pop music can be drawn on more sophisticated sonic structures. The issue is a part of the discography of an excellent Venezuela-based lo-fi/DIY music label, The Poni Republic (a dwelling place for the likes of Nuuro, Bi-log, Anton, Bright Star Regulus, American Chamber Music, Anois, Elaine, joiejoiejoie, Sappho, Sunday Parlours, Tropitek, Todosantos etc).
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