Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nordwiijk – Sailor Boy (2015)

/Electro-acoustic, Crossover, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Ambient, Abstract, Post-industrial, Noise, Jazz, Improvised music, Acousmatic music/

Comment: what to say about Montrèal? Montrèal Canadiens, my favourite sports team is having an amazing new season launch with 7 wins in a row. However, Montrèal is an important location for many substantial artists, mostly related to underground and avant-garde music scenes. Obviously two of the most well-known imprints are Constellation Records and Where Are My Records the focus of both of those labels are set up to promote mainly post-rock music. However, Jeunesse Cosmique is a cult label being endorsed among the indie music fans. Nordwiijk`s album Sailor Boy is a marked notch in the discography of the label because of embracing sounds which are puzzling enough to be firmly categorized yet this patchwork quilt of 10 tracks is enchanting enough to repeat it again and again in your music player. At times it is a sort of improvised and jazz music, at times it is a sort of electronic and noise music, at times electro-acoustic and chamber music, at times it is getting quite close to ambient/post-rock and post-industrial music. All these elements are organically merged with each other or juxtaposed against each other. I don`t know what exactly it is but is sounds in a very convincing way. Certainly it does have something of a parochial, Montrèal-alike flavour around it.
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