Thursday, October 1, 2015

Minoy/Zannoy - Deaf Mix for Jake Hobo (1986/2004)

/Freeformfreakout, Spoken word, Noise, Sampledelic, Psycho-acoustic, Electronic, Sound art, Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Plunderphonics, Non-music, Acousmatic music/

Comment: these 44 minutes are another instance of huge legacy which is left by Keith Bowsza (1951-2010) aka Minòy. The US-based artist who released his music mostly in the 80s, however, finished off producing music in 1992. Later on, he was being known under the name Haint by taking on the black and white photo paintings. Deaf Mix for Jake Hobo is a collaboration album with another US-based noise/experimental/sound art musician Zan Hoffman. As the title might suggest the duo deals with hearing and perception problems. Moreover, these 44 minutes used to disorientate the listener because of involving a shitloads of abrupt turns and changes in sonic fabric and colours. It includes many samples pulled out from unknown sources. However, these loans are intertwined in a way to yield new, uncannily frightening contexts and mind-shifting impulses. In a word, it is an example of sample-based art, however, reflecting upon neuropathic problems which excruciated Keith Bowsza throughout his lifetime. At times Bowsza and Hoffman use slowed-down and pitched-up algorithms to spice up their occasionally lethargic soundscape. The listener can discern those warm analogue tones and timbres being so characteristic to the 80s. Of course, I recommend to dig up other Minòy and Zan Hoffman`s issues either which were being an important part of the 80s cassette culture movement. The album was initially released under the Elevation of Anxiety sub-label in 1986. At the moment it is a part of Zan Hofman`s zh27.
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