Friday, October 9, 2015

Angry Norwegian - Grind Is the New Black (2015)

/Grindcore, Hardcore, Sampledelic/

Comment: who is an angry Norwegian? Anders Breivik? Varg Vikernes? Someone else? In fact, this is the duo of Lane, and Ross from Michigan, USA whose 7-track issue is a hellish blend of burning guitar noodling, disorienting speech samples and tumultuous drumming over the mix. As a proper grindcore album used to be it is produced in the way to be properly tight having no gaps and all the air around it is burned off. Most of the tracks are at a length of 1 minute. Only Endohkneesha which is the hidden track on it has a length of almost 5 minutes (the Bandcamp version of the album does not contain it at all). In a word, let`s get this album and enjoy the slab of Vitamin G(rindcore) and H(ardcore).
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