Friday, September 4, 2015

Vaga-Lume – Vaga-Lume EP (2015)

/Post-rock, Indie rock, Lo-fi, Alternative rock, Jazz rock, Math rock/

Comment: by listening to this duo of Catalan heritage from London, Great Britain I feel myself delighted because this set of 7 tracks being conjured up by Max Feriche and Javi Carles contains joyful post-rock progressions as if performed either in open air or recorded in the unplugged way. Furthermore, the duo used to add some gales of laughter, occasional samples of everyday and previously recorded environmental sounds to the mix. By the way, one of the pieces was recorded in the bathroom. The latter, Parece Vela (Baño) is an instant improvised excursion for simple guitar twanging, vowel induced hum and harmonica solo. All of that renders the chugging of their melting pot in a way to seem even more enjoyable and organic and seamless rather than by the case of just following only one orthodox pace. By their post-rock side the Catalans play bold post-rock progressions with some math rock and some lighter alternative rock influences. The composition Jab involves a saxophone solo played by Dudù Bongo. Amusing.

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