Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rene Kita ‎– Polkimellisuuksia (2013)

/Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Non-music, Noise, Improvised music/

Comment: it can be said Turku, Finland-based artist Rene Kita has much to say though he does not say anything in direct sense actually. Indeed, the artist`s music is exclusively made up of codas of the syllables which in turn are looped and amplified into an idiosyncratic result. At times it rings like the performance of a brown noise artist which used to be abstract and funny at the same time. Indeed, regarding that Rene Kita`s music reaches the dimension beyond contradiction and being free of a burden of theoretical bodywork. It is just a flow of sequencing loops and coincidental noises for your pleasure. Otherwise, the former is the first fractal to constitute another fractal of noise somewhere below or atop it. Indeed, they are causally related to each other though being clearly separated from each other either. It is like discovering different universes in the outer space, which, however, have had the same initial source and impulse. By kindred souls I recommend listen to such vocal artists/improvisers as Roomet Jakapi, Iris Garrelfs, Michael Schiefel, Meredith Monk. 
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