Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Prutsers - Prutsers Vol.1 (2012)

/Primitivism, Organcore, Post-punk, Lo-fi, DIY, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Freeformfreakout, Non-music, Outsider music, Dada music, Covers/

Comment: these 18 tracks represented on this fabulous miscellany were recorded sometime in between 1983-1987 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The members of the group came from the old Rotterdam punk scene, however, the sonic result seems to be thousands steps further to be trudged with regard to an average exemplar of punk music. On the other side, their attitude is thoroughly (post)-punk-ish. Sonically their sound resembles more The Residents, Cromagnon, Big City Orchestra and other obscure US-based avant-garde groups. As one of the members of the group Henk Madrotter said they had improvised with all the instruments they could get their hands on. From toys to Commodore 64 sounds (the legendary music program thought to produce the so-called tracker/chiptune/8-bit sound). Indeed, the listener can hear droning toy instruments, cheesy rhythms conjured up from a synthesiser bought from the second hand shop to produce a simplistic oom-pah sound with beer drunken singing sometimes (Ochtend Humeur). Some electronic bleeps sound thoroughly futuristic. For instance, Ik Dank U Allen is an ultramodern stake on concrete sounds, spaced-out/dark ambient and spoken word drenched sounds. Despite of its deliberately obvious unrefined intention the project chimes very contemporary at times – its brass arrangements and droning organs remind of Beirut and other lo-fi and DIY scene inspired artists frequently (for instance, listen to Martha which is a wondrous composition with the assistance of a mandolin and droning organ). By the way, the whole involves a cover of the Beatles` Helter Skelter. Woordjes loans Joe Meek`s the most well-known production. It can be said they were proto-Ariel Pinks (in truth, an early Ariel Pink was a post-Prutsers). This sonic beast is a mandatory legacy for those who think music is the most important essence in human being`s life. By the way, recently Year Zero Records released Prutsers` vol.2
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