Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Live Savings – Endings (2014)

/Power pop, Post-grunge, Alternative rock, Angst rock, Screamo, Math rock/

Comment: by reading the quite surreal, almost incompatible snippet by Live Savings` guitarist/vocalist Gabry de Waaij at Bandcamp its point was to accentuate that music could be very essential and tenuous depending on how someone used to value music. By my opinion, however, the Dutch-based quartet`s 4-track issue is not something of a null and void one. More profoundly, it is an amalgamation of power pop energy, grungy guitar hooks to depict anxiety and desperate feels which used to grow over your heads at times. On the other side, it could be considered an example of screamo with some hints at mathematically designed riffs and more sophisticated drum patterns than an average 70s influenced rock band. In a word, within those strident rock templates you can perceive a certain artsy endeavour and touch. In a word, it is a worth listening. The issue is a part of the intriguing discography of Narrominded, the Dutch imprint.
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