Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hico – Modus (2014)

/Folktronica, Conceptual, Experimental folk, Baroque folk, Cowbell indie, World music, Epic, Chamber folk, Art folk/

Comment: sort of a folk music within this handful of tracks presented by Hico is certainly my cup of tea. It is artsy, it is dreamy, it is crafty, it seems to be concise and bountiful at the same time. Stylistically the issue is a place for different styles to encounter on the same line and plateau. For instance, the world music motives start off to permeate from some tracks into modern electronic rhythms and panoramic orchestrations resulting in cinematic looming and build-up of full-fledged emotions. The album is partly conceptual due to deliberately crossing some instruments with one another to reach the goal (for instance, organ and ensemble, and banjo and upright bass). The result is coherent and having no scattered seeds within the course. Organ & Ensemble reminds of one of the favourites of mine, Penguin Café Orchestra with regard to light-hearted harmony blossoming and cloudless visions in sound. Furthermore, the same could be admitted about the subsequent piece Fushigi either. Of course, Hico is able of translating those enterprises into a nowadays sonic form. In a word, this excellent make-out is obviously one of the best issues I have heard in the discography of Totokoko Records (it does not mean at all that other outings of the imprint I have listened so far were somehow inferior or lame ones on its own).
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