Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aortha & Goron – Dvoe (2015)

/Ambient, Spoken word, Minimalism, Sound art, Experimentalism, Avant-garde/

Comment: one is quite clear that it is a poignant collaboration act between the poet Goron and sound artist Dzmitry Ladzes aka Aortha (whose music is known with regard to the compilations under HAZE imprint, for instance) to bring forth the sounds of urban contemptible existence and more indirectly about ill-fated human existence on the planet Earth if something will not be changing in an average human being`s mind and life style. However, it is broadly influenced by the decisions within the elite worldwide. The first step is that the total population of homo sapiens must diminish and birth rate must be controlled. As a species we are not endangered altogether if to admit it in a soft manner. The texts are proclaimed in German and in Russian with a minimal approach to ambient and electronic music. The listener might discern Steve Reich`s influence through those hypnotically repeated patterns and apparitional sonic swirls around the words. You can perceive some kind of sanctitude hovering on the top of. No doubt that less used to be more on many occasions. All in all, it is an example of enthralling music on the whole.
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