Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The “New” Utica Compilation (2002)

/New Weird America, Crossover, Electronic pop, Blues, Psych-folk, Experimental indie, Acid rock, Psychedelic rock, Anti-folk, Punk rock, DIY/

Comment: I guess I firstly stumbled upon the music of Cozy Home Records at the end of the 00s sometime due to discovering some artists through CLLCT who were being related to the label and closely related platforms like Daydream Generation, and Quixodelic Records. However, this 15-bar issue is the first miscellany being issued under the umbrella in 2002. It was the year when Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective, and Ariel Pink as later backbones to the upcoming New Weird America scene and weird pop appearance just started to gain reputation step by step. Musically the whole is diversified providing a shitloads loads of glimpses into many genres, however, the quality of music not to be given a fuck. Furthermore, it is a vivid exemplar of full-fledged DIY culture in the USA. The listener is being kept in the radar due to thought-provoking crosses between indie and electronic and acid pop bits, freaked-out folk compositions, uncompromisingly stalking blues driven punk rock energy, and effect-laden experimental inclined rock examples. The compilation could be considered as a notch of the so-called New Weird America movement with some reservations because folk music represented over there is not a goal on its own but just a bare instrument to bring forth the magic of sounds. There are represented such artists as The Chrome Ghosts, The Real Burnouts, Have You Seen This, Man?, Zapp Chapp, Crookedfoot (early handwithlegs), D. Only, Dead Priest Sphynx, Early Morning Edison, Christian Science Mobsters, Family Talent Show, Eponine, Travel Labyrinth, Maynard and The Molemen, and The Flying Turdballs (Big Mimi Bourgeous with Jenny Penny and Cashew Cook). Additionally to listening to this lofty legacy I recommend to open up the catalogues and links through the aforementioned platforms to discover an universe within the glorious US-based DIY tradition.

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