Tuesday, August 25, 2015

SoulSonic - Things That Connect Us (2013)

/Indie rock, Post-punk, Electro-indie, Alternative pop, Ambient rock, Post-rock, Shoegazetronica, Mood music, Ethereal wave/

Comment: SoulSonic is an artist from Lithuania whose 10-bar issue is a blend of picturesque guitar paintings, crispy electronic rhythms and beatific orchestrations. It can be said SoulSonic`s music is more about to create affective milieu rather than revealing intention to establish something artistically groundbreaking. Indeed, the whole sounds like a smooth jazz/fusion version produced with guitars and electronics. It seems the artist`s goal is to reach a sublime state of mind throughout the course rather than having spot on particular sonic inventions. However, despite there are up hints to almost all styles being connected to “alternative music” throughout the last four decades. The favourite of mine is Gentle Touch due to the spaced-out, longing guitar chord based extensions and highly catchy pattern within it. By continuing the Lithuanian connection I recommend listen to such combos as Picturesque Episodes, and mmpsuf.

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