Monday, August 31, 2015

MC Melodee - Crunch Time EP (2014)

/Hip-hop, Urban music, Rap, Soul-hop, Nu jazz, Gangsta rap/

Comment: my first impression about this handful of tracks was not very enthusiastic because all of that seemed to be way too straightforward and simplified regarding the production and configuration. Actually it was a quite unusual experience to listen to gangsta-inflected music dominated by a female musician from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. However, this bunch needs more listening times to open up its nature and surface its merits. The listener can discern sublime soul and jazz music debris below the rhymes and chants fattening up your soul and mind. MC Melodee is helped by the likes of Cookin`Soul, Robbie Anthem, Feliciana and D-Luzion, BuddahSPK, Brady James, and Like of Pac Div). 
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