Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Koji Maruyama – Isos (2015)

/Piano music, Modern classical, Mood music, Experimental, Musique concrète/

Comment: once I read that piano is the most disturbing one among the music instruments. However, there are plenty of albums which used to proof otherwise. For instance, Koji Maruyama`s tiny issue Isos (providing a length of 16 minutes only is a sublime drift between minor chords and major chords, between rough taps and subtle chord choices, between ruckus and still life thereby resulting in the emotive content. The artist seems to exert minimal energy to create a truly organic, picturesque whole for your sake. At times those facile chords are mixed up with concrete sounds thereby embracing elements beyond the artificial music compartment (Prelude/Isos). Of course, there is represented electronic music and synthesised orchestrations though at a minimal extent (particularly at Land/Weiter).The favourite of mine is Fluid/Door which brings forth a dynamic flow and moody changes throughout the composition. In  a word, it is a marvellous bunch of tracks indeed. The issue is a bit of the discography of the Japanese imprint Totokoko Records.
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