Thursday, August 13, 2015

Killredrocketrecords - Killredrocketrecords Jesus in Space Compilation (2010)

/Psych-rock, Acid rock, Alternative rock, Shoegaze, Fuzz pop, Indie rock, Neo-psychedelia, Electro-indie, Drum and bass/

Comment: by remembering the end of the 00s and the beginning of the 10s then you probably perceived fresh air around your head and shoulder due to appearance of many groups and artists who used to come out of home basements and on the other side there were up a shitloads of blogs who were eager to push them up. This kind of collaboration brought many great groups to the limelight, however, most of them ceased to continue their way. For instance, one such a great platform was CLLCT, being a platform for so many mostly US-based DIY singer-songwriters.

People behind the Austin-based Killredrocketrecords have made great efforts to gather together artists to compile some voluminous compilations for representation of then-Zeitgeist tendencies within the DIY underground artists. Jesus in Space? Firstly it reminds of Jason Pierce aka Jason Spaceman`s relation to the God due to some references in a couple of songs by Spiritualized. Indeed, there are represented 40 songs mozst of them are heavily shoegaze-y in the vein of all those pre-eminent British bands appeared in the end of the 80s and in the beginning of the 90s. Some of them are more noisy, some of the, are more fuzzed-up, some of them more spaced-out and adorned with field recording bits. Of course, the listener should not underestimate a burden of post-punk and psychedelic pop elements within these songs harking back to earlier decades rather than mentioned above. Indeed, reverb-heavy vocal lines, thumping drum machines and synthesised sonic vamps above add something special to the melting pot. Furthermore, there are up some ditties which have got inspiration from the club music scene. Actually it is very sad by watching this enormous list of artists because most of them say nothing about today anymore. However, the imprint`s heritage due to these miscellanies makes sense by discovering this enthusiastic chapter in the pop music history. It is still inspiring.  
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