Saturday, August 29, 2015

Benjamin Dauer & Specta Ciera - Traced in Sand (2014)

/Ambient, Soundscape, Abstract, Modern classical, Experimental electronica, Crossover/

Comment: Traced in Sand is a collaborative issue between Benjamin Dauer, and Devin Underwood aka Specta Ciera. The most general adjective which could be ascribed to the issue is deep. More profoundly, these six tracks used to converge at a crossroad of ambient, classical, experimental electronica, glitched-out minimal rhythms and more tectonic, dub music-alike overthrows, however, being tightly interwoven with one another frequently. On the other side, which is deep it might also be picturesque and arousing – Dauer, and Underwood did it. The finishing track Over the Coastline chimes like a borderline between more abstract, hyper-realistic and recognized sounds, however, presenting barely audible sonic effects throughout the course. The launching track Ice Train depicts a post-apocalyptic world saturated with radioactive vapour and bleak terrains. Indeed, these are good examples about minimally tonal yet highly emotive electronic music. In overall, it is like your own life where exciting moments used to happen to force back general ennui and drabness. The issue is a part of the discography of Glaswgow-based imprint Distance Recordings.
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