Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuaiki - 惑星 28 (2013)

/Post-rock, Indietronica, Experimental rock, Noise, Alternative pop, Shoegazetronica/

Comment: first of all, it was quite difficult to find out the albums with Japanese hieroglyphs from Internet (for instance, if you are having one exemplar at your mp3 player before and you are trying to find it out at WWW thereafter). However, finally I got it at Poleporecords site in Bandcamp. Tuaiki`s 5-track issue is a keen blend of post-rock induced panoramic yearning, affective rhythms and emotive layers of indie electronic and shoegaze-y examples and digitally formed noise vamps on the verge of the soundscape building up the welcome contrast to the former mentioned ones. Madness meets sensitiveness, heavenly beauty meets tectonic mud. The title track chimes like a free jazz-esque foray into the guitar drenched feedback noise and boldly stumping programmed beats. 何故、此処に居るのか私には分からない involves a stunning noise torrent with some vibrations within it. Indeed, much bangle is up there carved out with love and caring which used to cut through.
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