Monday, July 6, 2015

StaueOfDiveo - Spaceman (2014)

/Space pop, Breakcore, Alternative pop, Electro-house, Doo wop, Electronic pop, Mood music, Shibuya-kei, J-pop/

Comment: by exploring the history of popular music you could find out two types of artists related to the space. The first category embraces such artists whose music is being deemed ahead of their time, i.e creating something truly innovative and cutting-edge something as if coming out of the outer space. Another type includes artists who are conceptually being related to the space themes (Sun Ra, Space age pop, Spacemen 3). Usually the artists of the latter type used to relate to the first category either. The Massachusetts, US-based combo StatueOfDiveo`s music is spaced-out as well – as much thematically as sonically. It might be the artist`s sound is more related to different places on Earth rather than with the room outside it. For instance, you could discern the artist`s love for cinematic Japanese pop music which in turn is strongly being influenced by the Western popular music (harmonic shuffles of the 60`s doo wop, easiness of the 80´s indie pop and attention-getting melody and harmony progressions by Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai). For instance, the world knows well such artists as Pizzicato Five, Flipper`s Guitar, and Fantastic Plastic Machine. On the other side, there are up other cues as well – for instance, Nobody Wants a Broken Window resembles Soldier Girl, the track by Polyphonic Spree. Brahms` Lullaby resembles some compositions by Nick Currie aka Momus, the expatriate from Scotland who has been living in Japan for many years. In any cases, it is an intriguing and arousing issue thanks to multifaceted dodges and inner dynamics.
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