Friday, July 31, 2015

Os Clausas – Os Clausas (2013)

/Minimal techno, Experimental techno, Motorik, Kraut techno/

Comment: less is more if to start off with some triviality. However, the Italy-based artist Christian di Vito aka Os Clausas` music is being far away from it. There are up experiments with more and less stern yet appealing techno patterns, noises and electronic drones. Furthermore, you can perceive ambient textures under the rhythmic mayhem. The favourite track of mine is DRSD which is a gentle echo and expansion of motorik rhythms by Klaus Dinger, and Michael Rother who constituted a seminal krautrock combo, Neu! for four decades ago. Indeed, representing static, repetitive rhythms in the middle which in turn are accompanied by a lurking hiss fuelled drone on one channel which will spread out stepwise. PP exploits reed organ shuffles juxtaposed against the cadences atop. The finishing track Milspec is funky on its own terms, however, arousing a more loosening feeling at the end of a day. This dainty issue is a part of the huge discography of the Italy-based imprint Sine3pm being a home for many more and less known artists worldwide.
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