Saturday, July 25, 2015

Melinda Ligeti – Belonging (2015)

/Alternative pop, Singer-songwriter, Jazz. Doo wop, Mood music, Easy listening/

Comment: Melinda Ligeti`s 17-track issue could be considered both a branch of jazz music and mode of contemporary alternative pop. I mean artsy pop music, of course. Sonically it is light-hearted and quite gravitation free due to soaring vowel effects and singing mixing mode and contemplative string plucked chords thereby reminding of the doo wop tradition coming out of the 60s. Furthermore, the sentiment of bossa nova is not being far away from it. At times some keyboard sounds are added to bring forth either a more lively touch or more deeply thoughtful sensations within the blend. In any cases, Ligeti is adept to move the listener`s emotions with her fairly sensual vocal turns and lurking jazz compositions behind it. All the instruments are played by her and dedicated to her sons. In a nutshell, it is a potent retro futurist pop album.  
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