Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Martin Rach - Of Tobakoff (with Lynn Wails) (2015)

/Spoken word, Sound art, Storytelling, Minimalism, Post-industrial, Avant-garde, Non-music/

Comment: these 32 minutes are up to tell a story about Tobakoff, the man with some mystical abilities besides his human-alike traits and self-indulgent appearances. At times it seems to me that Tobakoff is the kind of hero/half deity like someone (Heracles) in the mythology of the ancient Greece. Indeed, at least it seems to me in this way because the main hero is equipped with tremendous proficiency and disparate craftsmanship. The track is accompanied by an endlessly repeated abstract, post-industrial loop which has been managed in a way to change the shape minimally throughout the course. Very interesting.

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