Saturday, July 25, 2015

Libra Makowski – Drum Your Life (2011)

/Drum and bass, Electronic pop, Jungle, Speed garage, Breakcore, Trance, Remix/

Comment: this is the first album by Lublin, Poland based artist Libra Makowski (having been active since the end of the 90s) where he predominantly takes on bold drum and bass and jungle rhythms which are mixed up with some speed garage frequencies. Actually the result reflects upon the artist`s earlier music making experiences because synth/keyboard sounds presented over there used to run on in the vein of trance music and pop ambient/piano pop/classical music (for instance, the albums like Girlfriend Experience, and Cosmologic). For instance, Shaman Dance is a blend of jungle beats, trance-y synth progressions and tabla induced vamp. At times those stark beats are accompanied with sublime female vocal deliveries and growling radioactive grooves and prevailing synth overdrives (for instance, at City Lights). Consequently it can be said the artist search for balance between the sensibility of pop music and bouncy club dance oriented sentiment. 
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