Monday, July 27, 2015

LA Screamin Popeyes - Save The Brainforest (1990)

/Avant-garde, Improvised music, Dada music, Synth pop, DIY, Field recording, Weird pop, Electronic pop, Art punk, Leftfield, Post-punk, Dance rock, Spoken word, Experimental pop/

Comment: thanks to this 9-track issue (the download version is zipped into the two lengthy tracks in total, though) I discovered a new platform for old, rarefied music, called The Living Archive of Underground Music which is curated by Don Campau. Indeed, it is time to discover amazing sonic examples from the past. First of all, I truly like the title of the album which was relevant many decades ago and is still today. By watching what is going to happen every day worldwide it is ridiculous and sad at the same instant. People make this shit happen to. Given that the singularity of human being used to diminish remarkably. Save The Brainforest reflects upon these deranged and oppressed tendencies excellently. In detail, it veers from robot-alike spoken word snippets and roughly processed guitar riff noises to psychedelic and orchestrated synth lines and such sort of improvised situations reminding of radio drama and sultry jungle encircled happenings. There are up some hilarious artsy (post-) punk and fucked-up synth pop/dance rock progressions either. Behind the project were Jeff Olson, and Carl Strong who recorded the issue on the 4-track tape machine set up on a kitchen table. With this fabulous issue the project did continue to uphold the Dadaist and obscure DIY tradition within the US-based music scene (The Residents, Big City Orchestra, Fantomas, Negativland, No-Neck Blues Band, Bob Chaos based imprint etc). 
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