Friday, July 17, 2015

Kevan Paul – Going Home (2009)

/New age, Electronica, Crossover, Cinematic, Art music, Easy listening, Post-classical, World music, Mood music/

Comment: Kevan Paul is a composer from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA whose album`s concept was motivated by the economic oppression following the breakdown of Lehman Brothers at the end of the 00s. It caused serious loss to many families around the world many of them lost their homes bought on long-term loan. Furthermore, by conceptual side, the artist argues about the concept of home and alienation of human being from his/her roots. Indeed, we once come out of nature and created civilizations which trapped us. The outlook seems to be even worse – there exist an invisible snowball as an inferior result between economic relations and needs of overpopulated Earth which used to roll further thereby destructing the nature around us and the human being`s soul and mental health. We are being set up to compete with one another rather than collaborate with. The future is dark and getting even gloomier. Musically this 7-track issue is an unwinding one by searching for balance between lone chords, melody leads and orchestrated harmonies. The listener might find out some acquainted shapes from previous cultural discourses – from composers of the movie motion (Ennio Morricone), art music/post-classical scene (Penguin Café Orchestra), and world music oriented compartment (at times loaning from or developing Celtic music motives) and New Age-y electronic ticking. Emotionally it is contemplative and slightly doleful though providing some beatific panoramic and cinematic whiffs which are more ennobling ones. It is a cute soundtrack undoubtedly.
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