Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hassan K. - Talab (2014)

/World fusion, Conceptual, Electronic, Alternative, Jazz, Crossover, Surf music, Electro-metal/

Comment: Keyvane Alinaghi aka Hassan K is a French musician of Iranian/Persian heritage whose oeuvre is being influenced by glorious cultural traditions of his native-land and on the other side it involves many the Western/European music elements. In a word, it is a poignant melting pot for arousing your sensations and feels. This time his music is being inspired by Mantiq at-Tayr, a Sufist poem from middle-age Persia. More concretely, the album starts off with To The Raksh Mobile! drawing on moving metal riffs and electronic Middle Eastern melody progressions to be interwoven with one another. 110 Sédâ Kardan is an attention-getting surf attack with spiky brass sections and electronic pins atop. Chrini is a calmed down downbeat progression to provide you a somehow otherworldly feeling. Iran has unfortunately been demonized by the Western media with regard to an alleged nuclear program in recent years. Haji Firuz is something about Persian ethnic music varicoloured with free jazz induced threads and grooves. By listening to this bunch more carefully you can discern even more sublime vamps and effects. Technically the issue is set up with uncommon solutions to create sonorously something refreshing and superior. This set of 13 notches and additionally Alinaghi`s previous albums could be a good promotion to perceive the Persian people`s dimensional inner life.  
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