Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Feeel - Music for Uneasy Times (2005)

/Improvised music, Electronic, Avant-rock, Leftfield, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Improvised noise, Experimental rock/

Comment: there are up three long-running compositions based on improvised sessions full of feedback fuelled and distortion induced debris. Indeed, as the title assumes this time it is without any word games. Only the artist`s name “Feeel” designates something of an extraordinary brand probably related to overwhelming sensations which have surfaced after the listening of these 35 minutes. At times those more or less acute noise torrents will slightly abate to be replaced with quite dismal emotions conjured up by a mix of nervously plucked guitar chords and taps on the acoustic guitar. The final track Everybody's Talking About the End of the World is more rhythmically oriented on account of heavily distorted electronic/big beat cadences which soon will be modulated into more messy shuffles and later will fade away to symbolically unite the ending point with the beginning one. The second part (more concretely, Act Two) involves buried singing/chanting for providing more living images within the composition. Predominantly the issue is a quicksilver drift between the compartments of improvised noise and experimental rock, at times reaching spiritual climaxes inside each of the pigeonhole, at times providing more transmissive parts. Let`s partake in that monster.
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