Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dead Voices White Noise (2011)

/Glitchtronica, Noise, Experimental electronica, Drone, Post-industrial, Avant-electronica, Non-music, Musique concréte, Acousmatic music, Leftfield, Microtonal, Illbient/

Comment: this handful of tracks is an issue in a long row of albums hinting at the fact how emotive could electronic music be even if it is made up of incisive material and noisy impulses. Why it seems to be in this way? Maybe it is so because of superimposing these sonic elements upon the mess and chaos of real life. Maybe it is so because of creating more arousing simulacra instead of the more disillusioned aspects in real life. In a word, to provide more hope and redemption to people who are listening to the issue. You can hear the trains arriving at a train station, you might hear unknown creatures being involved in indecipherable activities, you could hear sounds providing a viable platform for your phantasies and fictions. More importantly, you could hear intriguing sounds over there to broaden your universe and open some doors in your perception. Dead Voices White Noise is a compilation by justnotnormal Record label providing a chance to design the aforementioned patterns to such artists as Somnaphon, Controlled Dissonance, Pyne, Miquel Parera Jaques, and Plastic Love Tool.
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