Sunday, July 12, 2015

Crashing Airplane - Final Approach EP (2010)

/Industrial techno, Avant-techno, Experimental techno/

Comment: I guess to listen to this issue might be hurting to anyone who has lost their relatives and fellowmen in plane crashes. Of course, by doing it without checking out the titles it would be absolutely different case (except the accelerating sounds in the first half of Birds vs Jetengines). Predominantly it is filled with hypnotic techno frequencies though accented with ominous whiffs and alien noises by the Austrian project Crashing Airplane. Given that it is puzzling to say what sonic elements used to be the most essential ones? However, it is not a case in turn. The final track Reaching Planet Earth in Redshift 3-3 is a little bit different case because of relying more on a brooding synth layer rather than on rhythmic progressions. The important thing is the issue is convincing due to slowly developing minutiae and solid sonic pads. The issue is a part of the discogrpahy of a Toulose, France-based record label, Kosmo.     
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