Saturday, June 20, 2015

PA - 14.05.04 Thru (2014)

/Neo-krautrock, Kosmische Musik, New Age, Psychedelic, Drone pop, Electronic, Mood music, Motorik, Ambient pop, Experimental rock/

Comment: regarding the stylistic perception quite much has changed in heads of the listeners since the times of 10 years or more ago. For instance, music which was considered as “noise” (for instance, My Bloody Valentine, or Sonic Youth) sounds quite poppy and common nowadays. Furthermore,  for “krautrock” which was to denote something very vanguard on its own, however, one branch of it coalesced into a more poppy and soothing approach (more concretely, by handling such bands from a new wave of the axis of Cologne-Dusseldorf as Tarwater, Kreidler, To Rococo Rot) and Stereolab, Lali Puna, and Ladytron from elsewhere. Of course, it didn`t mean these bands were somehow betrayers of the genre but it might be it was the only way to create something new being influenced by the zeitgeist. However, today the term “krautrock” and “noise” are so ambivalent because the seeds of the genres are spread out to everywhere and can be found from almost any track regarding indie music (taken up more or less consciously). The case of decadence, isn`t? Andrew Cauthen is an artist from Richmond, Virginia, USA who has been producing music for more than a decade and being loved by many listeners (just watch the downloading rates of his albums at His sonic palette is being quite broad, though, gravitated towards electronic music. The recent issue consists of 3 long-running compositions which is tagged as "ambient", "IDM", "chillwave", "indie pop" among others. Indeed, all these stylistic elements are represented on the issue though the main point focuses on minimalist motorik krautrock rhythms, sublime psychedelic droning and spaced-out phasing and progressions reminding of Kosmische Musik-tinged synthesised whiffs and blows and lingering chill out contortions. By its approach the music reminds of such old artists as Neu!, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream. Although the album lacks guitars the issue rocks off in an indirect sense anyway. Get a glimpse upon it!
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