Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nienvox - My Hand Makes Circle In The Sunset Air (2010)

/Nu jazz, Alternative pop, Chill out, Cinematic, Electronic jazz, Breaks, Acid jazz, Mood music/

Comment: Nienvox is an one-man producer from Yekaterinburg, Russia whose sound is very symptomatic to characterize a tendency in the music world during the last ten years. The Russian musician`s sound is composed of a pile of elements of jazz, electronica, indie pop, and and chill out sound. It is pre-dominantly instrumental though involving some samples from the motion pictures. Frequently there are up two layers of sounds with purpose to accentuate the contrast between them and then bridge them. More profoundly, lo-fi tinged rhythms are counterpointed with cinematic synth progressions or orchestrated clouds atop. His technical aesthetics comes out of heavy sample processing and mixtape presence and on the other side there have relentlessly been turning up viable impulses from the past by inspiring musicians to create something truly breath-taking and wondrous. In fact, it does not make difference to analyse is his 4-track composition either more artsy inflicted or mood music induced. It is a natural part of development of things the artist is being related to such music records (Bump Foot, Pop Errors Gallery and Dusted Wax Kingdom) who have contributed to popularize such sort of sound described above. In a word, it is a great outing to accompany your late nights and early mornings. 
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