Tuesday, June 2, 2015


/8-bit, Tracker music, Dub, Reggae, Chiptune, Mood music, Chip-hop, Alternative dance, Raggamuffin, Crossover/

Comment: At first I would thank Natty Droid Netlabel for that unique crossover music act where rough chiptune induced rhythms meet catchy chanting in the vein of reggae music, dub, reggaeton and ragamuffin. I am very sure anyone who is ready to take on this 35-track (within  folders) menarche would find out his/her favourite track. The compilation is collaborated by many artists under the aforementioned imprint. It almost sounds like a punk album by its attitude and actually deviating quite a little from the soundscape of such prominent (post)-punk groups like The Clash, The Slits and Public Image Limited who liked to explore the interface between punk rock and dub music. Truly enchanting music by any means. Get it.
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